In Dire Need for Getting Connections for Startup? Its Endedup Now!

Entrepreneurship is fruit for year’s struggle. Entrepreneur is at risk, risk for what? Fear of losing something most valuable to you. For some baby organizations, it can be reputation or financial investment, for others’ time factor costs more than monetary terms. When I started for my startup, I had fear of losing my savings as … More In Dire Need for Getting Connections for Startup? Its Endedup Now!

Tomorrow’s Business Leaders: Future of Business Graduates in Pakistan

Young business leaders are poised to outperform more than their counterparts. They are emerging in era where country is moving to build a silicon valley in Pakistan. Plan9 Tech Hub is operating under foreign entrepreneurs as top management authority in Pakistan. Social media enterprises are being spread-ed day by day more fastly than ever before. … More Tomorrow’s Business Leaders: Future of Business Graduates in Pakistan

5 Steps Entrepreneurs Must Do To Thrive Business

Journey To Entrepreneurship! Entrepreneurship is a process where an innovative idea is implemented to practical for running business. For a new start up, the most challenging task among other is how to attract your customers and how to retain them. When an entrepreneur puts all resources to build a start up and its products but … More 5 Steps Entrepreneurs Must Do To Thrive Business

The Business’er: A Free Membership Plan. No Credit Card Required

The Business’er is global unified B2B and B2C platform. It fits well with every business whether you are owner of large corporation or you are running small-medium enterprise. The Business’er can help in development of your business around globe. New and updated business model of The Business’er offers your business various registration plans.


Thanks to The Business’er, secure, effective and a global business hub. The universal platform which enlists different businesses and consumers fall in all kinds of categories from general (tailor) to specific (manufacturer). The big time saving feature is both businesses and clients are at unified platform. For consumers, no need of spending extra time over … More ECOMMERCE GATEWAY; THE BUSINESS’ER

Essentials of Marketing

Marketing is about “creating, communicating and delivering value to the customers” overall concept that we generate from marketing is that “customer is the king” and all the activities of marketing are designed to provide value and ease to the customer. Some people mix the concept of selling with that of marketing, but here it is … More Essentials of Marketing

Best Startup for Entrepreneurs

If you are entrepreneur and just launched your business or you are thinking about launching your business. You are seeking for opportunity to introduce yourself in international business hub. The Business’er is the right place for gaining better SEO rankings and attracting better leads. Get your self and your business registered in Global Business Directory … More Best Startup for Entrepreneurs